The Hidden Pixels Podcast is written, recorded, and produced by Sebastian Asaro. Each episode explores a small story that is only hinted at in gaming lore.

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Episode 8: Pokemon - Ghost Buster

Episode 8: Pokemon - Ghost Buster

In this episode, we visit the island of Alola, where rumors of a haunted school run wild. As the Pokemon Trainer starts to investigate the rumors, some seem to be based more in fact than fiction.

For those of you who may have missed it, we’re part of the Robots Radio Podcast Network. We’re so excited to be collaborating with all of these other incredible shows in sharing different viewpoints and lore from the games. For Fallout fans you have the Fallout Lorecast and Out of the Vault, for Elder Scrolls die-hards there’s Written in Uncertainty and the Elder Scrolls Lorecast. And for everyone else there’s Robots Thoughts and Sleepytime Stories. The shows are all high quality and are bringing new ideas to the table, so check them out at or check out the Twitter feed where we’re retweeting the other shows all of the time.

We’d also are ready to announce the winner of our Zelda-themed giveaway: user Richaaard_xd on Instagram. They’ll win a prize pack including a Death Mountain T-shirt and a Majora’s Mask cookie cutter from Honey Bunny Cookies on etsy. Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Richaaard_xd!

One last piece of news is the release of two new initiatives here at Hidden Pixels. First is a dedicated Discord channel. If you want to continue the story after the episode, come on by and we’ll talk through all of the haunted schools, Skyforges, and Yoshii cookies. Join all of the discussions here!

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Episode Music

“Skate” by Komiku

“Sk8board” by Jason Shaw

“A Ghost Waltz” by Loyalty Freak Music

“Space Bicycle” by Komiku

“Sad Floor” by Monplaisir

“Welcome!” by Rocco W –

“The road we use to travel when we were kids” by Komiku

Special Episode: Interview - The Science of Pokemon Podcast

Special Episode: Interview - The Science of Pokemon Podcast

Special Episode: Interview - Champions' Cast

Special Episode: Interview - Champions' Cast