The Hidden Pixels Podcast is written, recorded, and produced by Sebastian Asaro. Each episode explores a small story that is only hinted at in gaming lore.

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Episode 11: Fallout - Brotherhood

Episode 11: Fallout - Brotherhood

In this episode, we explore the origins of the Brotherhood of Steel in Appalachia from Fallout 76. We also receive a helping hand from the Robots Radio Podcast Network hosts!

We’d like to thank all of the special guests from this week’s episode:

Tom (R0b0ts) - Fallout Lorecast/Elder Scrolls Lorecast/Myth

Duke - Out of the Vault/Good Morning Duke

Jameson - The DL: Weekly Gaming News

Ken - Chad: A Fallout76 Story

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Episode Music

“Skate” by Komiku

“Mountain Sun” by Jason Shaw

“Waiting for Gyrotron” by Little Glass Men

“Let’s Apocalypse Later” by Ask Again

“Relent” by Kevin MacLeod

“Last Energy of the Day” by Loyalty Freak Music

“Funeral March for Brass” by Kevin MacLeod

“Gagool” by Kevin MacLeod

“Old Bernie Blues” by David Szesztay

“Old Regrets” by Lee Rosevere

“Arcade Montage” by Lee Rosevere

“The road we used to travel when we were kids” by Komiku

Episode 12: Hollow Knight - Cloth the Brave

Episode 12: Hollow Knight - Cloth the Brave

Episode 10: The Witcher - Bloodlust

Episode 10: The Witcher - Bloodlust